What Colors Should Women Wear Next Summer

I decided to talk about Summer colors you definitely should give a try this hot season. All these shades gonna make you look eye-catching, trendy and special. I am here to talk about neon colors, purple, sunshine yellow, light green, black, and dusty blue. If you are in search of the best hues to help your tan stand out and create a perfect Summer look, then I am here to share with you my favorite hues you can mix and match with your wardrobe.

Neon Colors

What is so special about neon? That might be the easiest way to draw attention to your look. Even a small accessory in neon shade will make a huge impact. This season's most common neon colors are pink, yellow, green and blue. Trust me, this vibrant shade will make you noticeable. Why do I love it so much? This vibrant shade can be easily combined with neutrals. I think there will be no problem to find the right match for the upcoming event. Pink will suit your white skinnies, yellow shoes and bag look great with grey and white, a neon green maxi dress can be styled with white sandals and blue denim jacket, yellow looks cool with black, etc.


That's one of my favorites! Ultraviolet is pretty massive right now and you are free to choose either a bright shade, lavender or classic purple. What I like the most about it, you are free to pair it with any other color.

Sunshine Yellow

It's fresh, bright, happy and works with plenty of other colors. Sure, it makes the whole outfit radiate and it does look attractive on anyone. If you are thinking of wearing it, then be sure to pair it with blue, pink or white.

Light Green

Yes, you got it right, we see a comeback of green. It does look amazing on tan and pale skin girls. Go for a natural green shade, from mint to pear and lime. Thinking of giving it a try this year? Pair it with blue, yellow and red.


Black is a good choice for Summer season. It's neutral, versatile and works with all colors. You will have a wider variety of options to choose from. It will make you feel confident and free.

Dusty Blue

This shade is ideal for ladies who don't want to stand-out and look vibrant. That's a nice shade to keep things simple and calm. Use it to create a subtle look for your favorite Summer day.

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