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Tessora Rowan Dress in Pink

This seems bold with sterling silver body jewelry. Unique "Tessora" is a pretty version to use at the cinema with boyfriend. For a lady with hourglass shaped body it brings a more feminine look. This month Chloë Grace Moretz was spotted in Venice when she was walking sporting the same Tessora Rowan Dress.

Color & Material: Pink Woven

Item Price: $225.00

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Tessora Andrea Dress in Multi

Producer can dress Tessora Andrea Dress with stackable ring. Last holiday Nina Dobrev was spied in a restaurant on new years eve when she was hiding using the same product. With single side braid haircut or as an alternative simple winged eye with red lips makeup this looks refined. At the casual weekends the "Tessora" is a dazzling choice to wear.

Color & Material: Multi Mixed

Item Price: $425.00

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