Must Have Sunglasses For Women

Sunglasses styles are having a huge update this year and today I decided to talk about must-have sunglasses for women. You are about to know essential shades every woman should own. There are top 5 sunnies I want to cover: aviator shades, cat-eye sunglasses, Wayfarers, and oversized eyewear. They gonna stay in fashion at least for one more decade. Based on the runway and street style trends, I have chosen these five cool shades.

Aviator Sunglasses

Yes, aviators are my favorites. This classic style comes in cool modern details, mirrored lenses, thick frames, but their shape hasn't changed much since the 1960s. They are considered to be every woman's Summer essential and I must admit, there is no sign that aviator eyeglasses are going out of fashion. It's worth to invest in a qualitative pair of aviators.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

These sunnies are so must have for Summer days. In today's fashion world we see lots of stunning cat-eye sunglasses designs, including embellished styles, brightly colored versions, printed, as well as the ones with mirrored lenses. Each of these cat-eye shades looks fabulous and so must-try. I personally love their versatility, they ideally suit all face shapes.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Still looking for something special and retro-inspired? Go for a pair of Wayfarers. They come with a horizontally long brow frame which is also trapezoidal-looking. They are ultimate classics that look awesome on every face shape. What I love about them: a relaxed and effortlessly cool design. They do look awesome with a casual rock and roll outfit, as well as with a dressy office look. Today's fashion offers lots of cool styles, including bright colored versions, printed and embellished designs.

Oversized Sunglasses

If you want to hide from people's eyes, then you definitely need a pair of oversized sunglasses. I do love giant shades for their sophistication and mysterious look. Trust me, they gonna instantly transform you into a glamorous chic. You can find many cool oversized designs, including oversized aviators, cat-eyes, wayfarers, Clubmaster shades, rounded, etc.

Review Of Must Have Sunglasses For Women

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