HYPE IT cargo vests for Women: Everything new is well-forgotten old

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Everyone has spotted new fashion trend called IT cargo vests. It's something that looks fresh, cool and inspiring. But take a close-up look and you see, it's just a well known classic cargo vest that comes in bright colors, fabrics, and details. HYPE IT NOW! Nowadays, we are all in fast fashion, where products are meant for a couple months to wear. There is nothing wrong, as we live in a consumption era, where everything lasts very fast.

Anyway, we are here not for a climate change, we do want another cool clothing staple to make us look voguish. So, cargo vest is still a big thing, just style it the right way. This layer will complete about any Fall outfit. In other words saying, this is a perfect finishing touch that makes everything look pulled together. But, today's fashion has divided into two parts, where the majority of ladies choose aka futuristic designs and the other part of women keep things classy. On which side are you?

The big thing is the way how you gonna style it. The new it cargo vests look extremely mannish and military inspired. They are super functional (but I don't think you gonna use all the extra chest pockets of your vest), they do look trendy and ideal for freshening up your daily outfit. It's like making your good old classic suit looking modern and somewhat futuristic. In other words, this is a new wave of practical style, where fanny pack is replaced by the utility vest. I personally, when seeing these vests, I automatically imagine fishermen and hunters. That's where I come to conclusion, we live in the century, where everything is mixed up and I AM LOVING IT! With this trending style, you will easily transform any look into something extraordinary and cool. I mean, you are free to update your classic dress, work suit, cocktail look with one of these construction work or fishing vests.

The other big thing of today's fashion is our beloved classic, military green vest. It's less provocative, but ideally matches most of our looks, without looking weird. I am not saying you should follow classics but look at these street style ideas, where women manage to wear it with almost anything without shocking people around.

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