Sep 3, 2011

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Rubbernecking Supernova explosion in M101 Galaxy – September 3 Magnitude 9.9

supernova_september 3

Image by Stan Howerton. Taken with Celestron 11 inch telescope.


It looks like it is as bright as the core of the galaxy – magnitude 9.9

Image by Juanjo González.

M101 galaxy is about 21M ly from our galaxy.

Aug 29, 2011

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Rubber necking Seupernova in M101 : August 29 – Magnitude 11.3

supernova 8 29

It is three times as bright today compared to it was on 8/27.

Just FYI, it needs to be of magnitude 6.0 before it can be seen by naked eye. It is still growing and getting brighter everyday. Chances that it will get to magnitude six is not very high.

But I still find this supernova very fascinating. There is an explosion happening with energy of trillion suns radiated in just a matter of days and we can see it happen in real time – that just tickles my fancy.