Mar 4, 2011

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May the mass times acceleration be with you


Hmmm.. considering the speed at which Starwars characters travel, this may not be fully accurate. But saying “may the derivative of momentum be with you” just doesn’t sound right.

Jan 30, 2011

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Physics status messages – Schrodinger’s bird started it all


I like the one about the Higgs Boson!

Nov 25, 2010

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Really bad puns of physics

e=mc2 pun\


I love puns, I am a Punisher, meaning that I make bad puns. But these are terrible. They are so contrived!

But sometimes I don’t care because:


Nov 20, 2010

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REAL math comics from Brown Sharpie


She is on hiatus, hopefully she will pick up her brown sharpie again.

From Courtney Gibbons

Nov 20, 2010

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When you order a school to integrate


When Eisenhower orders they military to integrate Little Rock High School.. the answer is

Little Rock 9X + C


Nov 9, 2010

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Warning: Schrodinger will kill you like a cat in a box. Maybe.


I am with Stephen Hawkings on this one:

When I hear of Schrodinger’s cat, I reach for my gun.

Just because there is MAYBE at the end, doesn’t mean it is not scary.

Image from LardFork