Aug 27, 2011

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Rubber necking Seupernova in M101 August 27 – Magnitude 12.8

supernova 8 27 11

This is the biggest explosion that we will ever see.

Today supernova is brighter by a factor of 50 compared just a few days ago.

A cosmic event unfolding right in front of eyes and that too at human scale.

Feb 8, 2011

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More science valentine cards


How much do I love you? Let Avagadro count the ways!


Source Neatorama


Feb 8, 2011

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Science Valentines – Love is when even Heisenberg is certain about you!


Check out these valentines featuring eight great individuals in the field of science.

source: stephoodle at Etsy

Feb 5, 2011

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Mathematically Sinful


Here are the 7 cardinal sins on a Heptagram (also called septagram). You can combine them and see which line you will be sitting on.

I am BC for sure.. what about you?

Nov 12, 2010

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Glass is always full for a physicist


Pessimist: Glass is half empty

Optimist: Glass is half full

Physicist: Glass is full of liquid and air

Nov 9, 2010

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The shortest scientific physics paper ever

SMAISMRMILMEPOETALEUMIBVNENUGTTAVIRAS must rank as one of history’s shortest scientific publications. In 1610, it caused a sensation among the prominent scientists of Europe. It came, after all, just months after the same author had announced that four satellites were orbiting Jupiter. Publishing his result in the form of an anagram allowed Galileo to claim priority for his latest discovery without revealing what it was to his competitors.

Three months later, Galileo went public and decoded the anagram: Altissimum Planetan Tergeminum Observavi—I have observed the farthest planet