Jan 30, 2011

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Physics status messages – Schrodinger’s bird started it all


I like the one about the Higgs Boson!

Mar 26, 2010

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Facebook status messages – Physics edition.


Facebook Status messages – Physics Edition.

Yes, I am a statustician… once a day, I have to think about something witty, funny or mundane thing to say about whats happening around me… yes, I can manage that! I take special delight in coming up with esoteric ones.

Here are a few that are physics related. Many of these will require a google/wikipedia search or Arxiv archive search, but thats the fun part of it.

.. is inventing “Oil of Olay DM”, made entirely out of dark matter, to smooth out the wrinkles in space time.

is modifying general relativity.

is redshifted by 2.2; you figure out how far I am.

has a radio halo.

is going through a quantum phase transition.

is a perfect hologram.

is experiencing Lorentz contraction.

is time herding.

is doing aperiodic tiling of his bathroom floor.

is trying to reduce his Erdos Number.

is looking for some nano-blackhole cream to patch up a naked singularity.

and here is a non-physics related funny one:

I just change the name of my ipod to “the titanic” so whenever I plug it in to my computer it says “the titanic is syncing”.

You can see more physics related facebook status messages here.

Talk Like a Physicist

Mar 14, 2010

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Happy Talk Like a Physicist Day!


Instructions on how to talk like a physicist are in the FAQ

Here are some terms that Physicists use:

Order of Magnitude: Use terms like “orders of magnitude” to describe significant differences of scale.

Negligible: When something is small, say it is “negligible” non-zero, but negligible.

Infinitesimal: If it is really really small, say it is infinitesimal.

Non-trivial: For a physicist, nothing is ever hard or difficult – it is always “non-trivial”

First-order approximation : That is only a first-order approximation to a good cup of coffee… “The living room is clean. Well…at least to a first order approximation.”

Extrapolation: A semi-educated guess is an extrapolation
Ideal Case: You aren’t ignoring details, you are taking the ideal case

Want some physics related Facebook Status messages?

Sunny is applying irresistible force to an immovable object.
Sunny is Blue shifted
Sunny believes in emergent gravity
Sunny is self diffused.
Sunny calculates everything from first principles.

Talk Like a Physicist

May 1, 2009

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Physics related facebook status messages 0 Part IV



Sunny is applying irresistible force to an immovable object.
Sunny is Blue shifted
Sunny believes in emergent gravity
Sunny believes that ice cream is responsible for emergent gravity
Sunny is exploring Short Range Correlations
Sunny is going through a phase transition
Sunny is tunneling through a high potential barrier
Sunny is guilty of pseudo random number sampling
Sunny was responsible for the supernova event that happened 630M years after the big bang.
Sunny is looking for the breaks to stop cosmic acceleration.
Sunny likes his coffee super heated and his milkshake super cooled
Sunny has neutrino vision, no wonder he can’t sleep at night.
Sunny is self diffused.
Sunny calculates everything from first principles.

The old ones are here.

Talk Like a Physicist

Mar 11, 2009

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More physics related facebook status messages part III



#Sunny is wearing neutrino repellent armor.
#Sunny : my Schrödinger cat is entangled; might need to call a quantum mechanic.
#Sunny : recession is so bad – I checked the value of pi yesterday and it has gone down to e.
#Sunny is using his pet butterfly to control chaos.
#Sunny is probing ink molecules with nonresonant light.
#Sunny is playing with photon entanglement.
#Sunny is in Metastable Equilibrium and likes it.
#Sunny is an isomer: similar composition but of dissimilar properties.
#Sunny is continuous everywhere but differentiable nowhere. He is a rebel.

Previous ones are reproduced here:

* Sunny is so cool, he is measured in Kelvins.
* Sunny can see past the event horizon.
* Sunny is defying the uncertainty principle.
* Sunny is made up entirely of dark matter.
* Sunny is blue shifted.
* Sunny is circumpolar.
* Sunny is gravitational lensing
* Sunny is a part of Proton Proton chain responsible for the fusion on the Sun.
* Sunny is a supernova remnant
* Sunny is emanating Hawking radiation
* Sunny is made entirely out of strange quarks – that explains a lot!
* Sunny is cursed with non-zero vacuum energy
* Sunny is a boson.
* Sunny is in a phase lock with a wine glass.
* Sunny’s time arrow points in random direction – I’ll see you yesterday, may be.
* Sunny lives in a quantum constrained system
* Sunny is your long lost supersymmetric partner.
* Sunny is using gravitational lens to warm up earth.
* Sunny is a part of a binary blackhole system.
* Sunny thrives on curved space time.
* Sunny is a pseudo random number generator.
* Sunny is not the problem, he is not the solution – he is the math between the problem and the solution.
* Sunny might not be omnipotent, but under the right circumstances he is nilpotent.
* Sunny doesn’t follow gravity; gravity follows him.


Here are the status messages from the first list of physicist’s facebook status messages:

* Sunny feels the chill from the the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) being cooled to 1.9 Kelvin (-271C; -456F) – colder than deep space. Where did I put my space heater?
* Sunny feels like he’s diagonally parked in a parallel universe.
* Sunny exists purely as a probability density function; he can be at more than one places at the same time.
* Basic research is what I am doing when I don’t know what I am doing.
* Sunny is still searching for Higgs.
* I abhor M theory with every fiber of my being.
* almost finished with the paper, I just has to dot my “i” and cross my “h”.
* Sunny has learned not to store plutonium in a tupperwear container.
* is pondering, if Schroedinger’s Cat walks into a forest, and no one is around to observe it, is he really in the forest?
* Wanted, dead AND alive, Schrödinger’s Cat.

Talk Like a Physicist