Sep 24, 2011

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So.. the neutrinos travel faster than light… its no joking matter!

Here are a few I made up, please add others in the comment section.

  • Dear Neutrino, I know you have been doping.. – Photon.
  • Hey Neutrino, that was pretty fast, have you been working out? Have you lost some weight recently?
  • Dear Neutrino, that speeding thing is going to cost you plenty. You will have to attend two hour class on general relativity.
  • This is total identity theft by Neutrino – Tachyon.
  • Dear Neutrino, Please slow down, consider our kids.



Crack in Einstien’s theory of relativity:


  1. - Neutrino
    - Who’s there?
    - Knock Knock

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