Mar 2, 2011

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Dear supersymmetric partner : we hardly knew ye!


I sense a great disturbance in the Force, as if thousands of physicists cried out in confusion, and were suddenly silenced by a plot (from LHC data).

Looks like the Supersymmetry is dead! *

Last week, the anticipated signs of SUSY were missing from the early data generated by the LHC’s two experiments, ATLAS and CMS.

This is almost as bad as having a decade long on-line relationship with your “soul mate”, and then finding out that your love interest on the other side was a Nigerian scammer.

No love for low scale supersymmetry at the LHC.

Don’t be upset about this. We are physicists, we are always open to the possibility that our ideas may be wrong.

Physicists: social, fair if not generous toward colleagues, open to the possibility that their ideas may be wrong, and remarkably willing to accept criticism.

* I know, it is only the Minimum Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM) that seems to be in trouble. With 150 known parameters and unknown numbers of other unknowns, it can never be ruled out.

  1. It’s not Supersymmetry that’s dying, it’s only the so called minimal supersimmetry (SuSy with some parameters fixed to a reasonable value) that may be excluded (or discovered, for what we know) in the next two year at LHC.
    AFAIK LHC does not have the power to exclude the whole SuSy parameter space, not event in a 1000 years.

  2. Nowadays the particle physics theory can always tune the parameters and assume more and more particles so that they can survive from the experimental test. The theory has become a boring tuning game.

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