Jul 21, 2009

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Tuesday Tattoo: Magazine Tattoo


No, this is not photoshopped.

Marc Strömberg is a 22-year-old graphic designer in Ume, Sweden, and his leg is still sore. He creates record sleeves and posters for bands, and in his spare time he runs his own magazine, Tare Lugnt. Instead of publishing the latest edition in traditional paper and ink, he has had issue three entirely tattooed onto his left leg. The leg has now been photographed, and large-scale prints are due to go on display in Göteborg and Stockholm this month.


Source Tare Lugnt (which means “take it easy” in Swedish).

I don’t think I will ever remove a tattoo. Like I said, every tattoo is like a journal entry, and it represents different periods and places in my life.

Talk Like a Physicist

  1. Ehm… I’m swedish… and shocked. I thought crazy stuff like that only happend in US XD… dear Lord…


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