Mar 9, 2009

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Recession is so deep, even Pi is suffering – Pi almost down to e

ImageI wasn’t too sure about the Citibank stocks, but I thought I could count on the universal constants to stay unchanged during these trying times.

I figured I might not have cake, but at least I’ll have Pi.

Yesterday I was measuring the circumference of a circle and it seemed a little smaller than what I expected it to be. I checked and double checked and couldn’t figure out what the problem was.

And then it hit me; I checked Google/Physics and I was shocked to see Imagethat the value of Pi, which people have memorized up to 10,000 digits, has gone down to almost e.

Is nothing sacred anymore? If we are not careful, the value of Pi will go down to as low asphi, the golden ratio, and things will just spiral down from there.

We might need a $100B stimulus package to prop up the value of Pi.

Please leave a comment if you have noticed any unusual changes in the physical constants or your experiments due to recession.

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  1. I’ve noticed that the speed of light, as measured by the ping time between my San Francisco, CA office and the Twitter main server across town, is suffering a sharp decline.

    That, or the internet is slow because of a massive increase in the number of unemployed Twitterers with too much time on their hands.

  2. I was measuring the drop off of the intensity of radiation, and it fell off with a r^(-1.33333) dependency, as opposed to the usual r^-2. Shocking!

  3. I am deeply concerned that in these times of global recession our units of force, the global currencies of physics, have taken a nose-dive. Most disturbing is the sharp decline in the value of g. In a recent experiment a Foucault pendulum, perturbed by the alignment of planets at midnight on 31-March-2009, flipped from precession to recession for over 12 hours.

    I find it particularly disturbing that our politicians are doing nothing about this universal problem. They just don’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation.

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