Jan 27, 2009

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Pure Pi and e Tattoo


Steve Vallis explains:

The symbol on the left of the image is pi and the symbol on the right is the chinese character for chaos. The dots signify the values of pi and e respectively with each row of dots equating to one digit of each number. I plan to have it extended another 3 or 4 lines lower in the future with the lines fading out to reinforce the infinite nature of the two numbers.

The whole tattoo represents three things to me mainly: infinity, chaos theory (sensitive dependence) and mathematics & patterns in nature. The symbol on the right of my body is Pi.

Talk Like a Physicist

  1. That’s a sick tattoo! Very creative.

  2. Sammy Cat says:

    That is beautiful…

  3. the symbol for chaos isnt complete .. thats only half the symbol

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