Feb 14, 2009

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[math] H\heartsuit=E\heartsuit; sin(\heartsuit), d\heartsuit/dt [/math] Physicist tries to understand valentine’s day

This is the geekiest Facebook Status message I have posted

[math] H\heartsuit= E\heartsuit;sin(\heartsuit), d\heartsuit/dt [/math] – my usual techniques are useless! Thank god for [math] C_4H_8O_2 +C_7H_8N_4O_2 [/math] made by Godiva.



If you haven’t figured, [math] C_4H_8O_2 +C_7H_8N_4O_2 [/math] is the chemical formula of two of the compounds in Chocolate. Taken from the master at XKCD.

Don’t try this at home! Your valentine might refuse to go out with you if she finds out that you are trying to use some deterministic equations with a quantity like Heart. Thankfully, my valentine speaks my physmathogeekinglish language. [math] \heartsuit \heartsuit \heartsuit [/math]

Here is a better one:

Roses are #FF0000

Violets are #0000FF

All my base

are belong to you


If you want some simplicity


But I like this 8 bit dynamic life – two t-shirt sets with red hearts; get within a hugging distance and the hearts light up!

8-bit dynamic life

Talk Like a Physicist

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