Jan 5, 2009

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Energy Scale of over 100 orders of magnitude


I know, there are a lots of things that are wrong in this image, but as an illustrative example of energy associated with different phenomena that we observe, it is an interesting read.

For example :

A photon from cosmic background has energy of 10^(-22) Joules,
X ray photon has energy of 10^(-13) Joules
ultra high energy cosmic ray could be about 100 Joules,
first atomic bomb was about 10^(13) Joules,
annual US energy consumption is 10^(20) Joules
yearly output of Sun is 10^(32) Joules,
total yearly output of Milkeyway is 10^(47) Joules and
recent Gamma Ray burst from a Supernova had the energy of about 10^(50) Joules.

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