May 16, 2009

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Collective Nouns for Physicists : A current of physicist, A knot of physicists


ImageThe Vocabulary column in NY Times had an interesting question:

This weekend, co-vocabularists are invited to submit novel nouns of assemblage for modern phenomena. A bucket of Wiis? A swamp of blogs? A murder of crowds?


So what would you call a crowd of physicists? Here are my suggestions:


A quantum of physicists

A current of physicists

A plasma of physicists

A horizon of physicists

A resistance of Physicists

An einstien of physicists / A bohr of physicists / A hawking of physicists

An inertia of physicists

A sigma of physicists


Of course, a crowd of string theorists will be called:

A string of Physicists

A knot of Physicists

A manifold of Physicists

A dimension of physicists


I am sure you can come up with something better. Leave a note in the comment.

Talk Like a Physicist

  1. Benjamin says:

    A collection of physicists shall henceforth be known as a scalar of physicists.

  2. Shinjin says:

    An integral of Physicists.

  3. A collective oscillation of physicists.

    A distribution of physicists.

  4. Surly it’s got to be an ensemble of physicists.

  5. a membrane of physicists
    a simetry of physicists
    a syncronicity of physicist

  6. A TOE of physicists, a spectrum of physicists, a phalanx of physicists…an array of physicists, a subset of physicists…

  7. Marylin says:

    it can be “beam of physicists”
    light amplification of stimulated emission of physicists…
    i´m sorry , that was bad..:-P
    a molecule of physicists…
    a variation of physicists( ?P,if you prefer.)

  8. lgsilveira says:

    a mole of physicists.

  9. A mass of physicists.

  10. I agree with the scalar of physicists. But if a bunch of them are working on a research project, hence having a goal, direction, they are a physicists vector field, for to each part of the project is associated a physicist; if the project is too complex or multi purposes maybe, then they are a physicists tensor field, working much more tenser.
    But an important question is whether physicists are conservative; is the amount of physicists in the universe always constant? If yes, are they conservative? I don’t think so.

  11. a superconductive state of physicists (however Andy P has the best: ensemble)

  12. A force of Physicists

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