Jan 21, 2009

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Black ink tattoo – Euler identity

Euler’s Identity is one of the most fascinating mathematical equation. Interestingly, it also shows 9 concepts of math in a single equation: concepts of : 1, 0, pi, e, i, addition, multiplication, exponentiation, and equality.


Via Cory Doctrow’s Flickr.

Nicholas shared his math tattoo:


ImageTo really show the complexity of Euler identity, you need more than one dimensions.

Here is the Euler Identity, in invisible ink. You can only see it under UV lights.

Nicholas’s explains:

I got this tattoo about a month ago. Its a UV tattoo of e^(i pi/2) which using euler’s formula is i. I thought i as an invisible tattoo was a great idea. You could think of a black light as the complex plane.

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  2. damn.
    “you could think the black light as the complex plane”.
    Great and creative idea.


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