Aug 7, 2008

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The quantum physics of Creation


In The Beginning.

Start With One Proton Schrodinger’s equation, one of the most basic and formative equations of quantum physics, shown in the case of Hydrogen, a basic and formative element of the universe.

And Let There Be Light The famous Maxwell equations: the basic laws of light. The dynamics of electromagnetic radiation shown in mathematical terms.

Timespace The principle of Time dilation, a mathematical expression of time and space, as captured in Lorentz’s equation.

FreeWill The fundamental principle of uncertainty that underlies quantum physics: Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.


Talk Like a Physicist


    Uncertainty is frickin’ weird. So is Free Will. That doesn’t in any way mean they’re the same, no matter how many quantum monks proclaim it so. Correlation != Causation!

  2. Uncertainly principle means that you can’t measure it with certainty. *NOT* that it’s not deterministic.

    Actually, you have the same problem even with Newtonian physics: you need to measure everything to infinity, so you can never be *certain*. But that doesn’t mean it’s not deterministic.

    Nice idea, but the last pane is a fail.

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