Mar 17, 2008

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Motionless Monday : Bullet through a rose


I can never get tired of looking at high speed photography.

In addition to being beautiful, there is so much physics in these events. Unfortunately most of it goes unnoticed because things happen so fast.

Source  Talk Like a Physicist

  1. Wow! Nod and a smile—you deserve it all!

    Not being a physicist or even a scientist of any description I can’t talk like a physicist
    Or even ask an clever question. But I must say that this picture simply blew my mind, like s bullet through s rose—in slow motion! But how come the rose did not get shattered by the impact of the bullet?

  2. Rupa, you are already talking like a physicist. You wondered about why the rose didn’t get shattered by the bullet impact – that’s physics talk!

    David Neff is the photographer of these images and he keeps his techniques very private. But from what I can tell, he is using a modified .22 caliber bullet which might have been sharpened and/or its speed adjusted to capture these images. He might have cooled the rose too.

    The speed of the bullet apparently was 1645 feet per second, which is the standard speed for such a bullet; so may be the speed of the bullet was not changed.

    All he would say for sure is that there is no photo-editing tricks involved in these pictures.

  3. The Rose is very soft and the bullet is moving very fast. I shot that same rose twice, just rotated it a quarter turn or so. I did use a personally modified hallow point .22 CCI Stinger. BTW the rose was at room temp and of course P-shop was only used to spot dust. Thanks for your interest.

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