Apr 16, 2008

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All time best Math video ever. Moebius transformation visualized in higher dimension

Video produced by Douglas Arnold and Jonathan Rogness.

The video demonstrates the transformations in two dimensions but then backs away and adds a third-placing a sphere above the plane and shining light through it. As the sphere moves and rotates above the plane, suddenly all the transformations become linked, in a way that conveys visually in minutes what would otherwise take “pages of algebraic manipulations.

This video has been viewed more than a million times on YouTube, so it is not new, but every time I see it, I am fascinated. Going to higher dimensions and visualizing moebius transformation is just a bonus.


Download the full high resolution wide screen narrated video in QuickTime format (130mb), if you have a fast connection.

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  1. Guess Who says:

    Sunny Kalara:”Going to higher dimensions and visualizing Möbius transformation is just a bonus”.

    Do you know any visualization of the Möbius transformation defined on the real quaternions?

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