Sep 23, 2007

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Peparing for Talk Like a Physicist Day – 14 March 2008

March 14th is one one of the most special days:

(i) Einstein’s Birthday

(ii) It is 3/14 – International Pi Day

And now it is also the official Talk Like a Physicist Day.

We have talked about having a day that is dedicated to Physics / Physicists for a long time but the impetus for starting this site came from some recent posts by Jennifer Ouellette on her Cocktail Physics Blog.

This site will officially launch in a few weeks. If you would like to stay informed, (or even better, if you would like to contribute) please send an email to tlp at talklikeaphysicist dot com.

The site will contain information about following four items

(a) Talk like a physicist – tips, tricks and tutorials on how to really talk like a physicist

(b) International Pi Day

(c) Einstein’s birthday celebrations

(d) Fermi Problems. Talk Like a Physicist

  1. Wow! I’m so impressed that someone’s taken the initiative on this, when I have been so lackadaisical about pursuing it… Definitely count me in to help out as needed! And let me know when you’re ready to officially launch so we can get it announced on as many science blogs as possible…

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