1970 Inspired Clothes For Women

Welcome to the 1970s! When it comes to fashion, the seventies play a very important part. This era gave us hippie, boho chic, sports chic, disco, military, punk rock, and many other styles. In today's blog post I will talk about my favorite looks and clothes, including best overalls, hippie dresses, metallic apparel, etc. You gonna be surprised about several fashion tips and tricks that can drastically change your appearance once and for all. Do I have your attention now, if yes, keep on reading!

The seventies decade is all about flares, platforms, thigh high boots, shearling pieces, hippie chic, and boho prints. It's the time of freedom and self-expression. As I have already mentioned, 1970 is all about hippy, glam rock, disco and bohemian. Each one of these styles is still wearable today, all we need is o rework these trends to fit our wardrobe. In other words saying, this decade came up with many trends that still continue o influence many designers and fashion brands in today's life.

The seventies hippies look unique, colorful and expressive. Think of denim, suede, bright prints, flares and fringes. Today's fashion grabs some details from the 70s hippie style. These elements easily incorporate with chic and modern looks.

70's sporty chic is about athleisure combined with comfort. It's more about elegance with a little dose of sportiness. It featured minimalist shapes, casual wear basics with athletic touches. Think of sporty jackets, jogging suits, sneakers, graphic t-shirts. In other words, it's more like sporty luxe.

Seventies disco is all about sparkles and glitters. It's full of metallics, sequins, neon colors, glossy looks, etc. Think of gorgeous dresses, flared jumpsuits, silks, and velvet gowns. It was all about Studio 54.

Speaking of simple looks, then it's overalls. They looked amazing. This garment is a typical piece from the seventies fashion. They can be worn with absolutely anything, starting from crop tops to blouses and casual tees.

Seventies safari and military looks were characterized by utilitarian aesthetic. Think of khakis, the sand color palette with relaxed silhouettes, cargo and patch pockets.

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Review Of 1970 Inspired Clothes For Women