Oct 11, 2011

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Schrodinger’s pizzeria? Heisenberg as the delivery person?


Ordering a pizza from Schrödinger’s Pizzeria was a bad idea..! And the worst part? They sent Heisenberg to deliver the pizza!

Sep 24, 2011

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So.. the neutrinos travel faster than light… its no joking matter!

Here are a few I made up, please add others in the comment section.

  • Dear Neutrino, I know you have been doping.. – Photon.
  • Hey Neutrino, that was pretty fast, have you been working out? Have you lost some weight recently?
  • Dear Neutrino, that speeding thing is going to cost you plenty. You will have to attend two hour class on general relativity.
  • This is total identity theft by Neutrino – Tachyon.
  • Dear Neutrino, Please slow down, consider our kids.



Crack in Einstien’s theory of relativity:


Sep 3, 2011

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Congress should pass a law “no supernova explosions within 500 light years of earth”


While others are occupied with puny little things like hurricane of category 1 and earthquake of 5.5 magnitude, I am concerned about much more violent and much bigger natural disasters.

I am worried about Supernova going off too close to the earth and messing things up!

I think we should pass a law that says “no supernova explosions within 500 light years of earth.”

As soon as I suggested this, Tea Party and NRA vehemently objected to it.

We don’t want “no supernova explosions within 500 light years of earth” law enacted because we want to keep the freedom of a star to go supernova at any time any place. Preventing supernovae within 500 light years will lead to loss of jobs, they say…

Sep 3, 2011

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Rubbernecking Supernova explosion in M101 Galaxy – September 3 Magnitude 9.9

supernova_september 3

Image by Stan Howerton. Taken with Celestron 11 inch telescope.


It looks like it is as bright as the core of the galaxy – magnitude 9.9

Image by Juanjo González.

M101 galaxy is about 21M ly from our galaxy.

Aug 29, 2011

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Rubber necking Seupernova in M101 : August 29 – Magnitude 11.3

supernova 8 29

It is three times as bright today compared to it was on 8/27.

Just FYI, it needs to be of magnitude 6.0 before it can be seen by naked eye. It is still growing and getting brighter everyday. Chances that it will get to magnitude six is not very high.

But I still find this supernova very fascinating. There is an explosion happening with energy of trillion suns radiated in just a matter of days and we can see it happen in real time – that just tickles my fancy.

Aug 27, 2011

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Rubber necking Seupernova in M101 August 27 – Magnitude 12.8

supernova 8 27 11

This is the biggest explosion that we will ever see.

Today supernova is brighter by a factor of 50 compared just a few days ago.

A cosmic event unfolding right in front of eyes and that too at human scale.

Apr 12, 2011

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A pedometer a physicist will carry – Einstein Pedometer

Einstein's Pedometer

Theoretically awesome Pedometer just for us!

Among other things, Einstein’s theory of special relativity says that as an object’s velocity increases, time as experienced by the object will slow down when compared to another object traveling at a lower velocity. This means that a “relatively” short round trip on a space ship traveling at close to the speed of light would see you arrive home having aged less than those back on Earth. While the greater the velocities involved, the greater the effect, the theory applies to all relative movement. Now there’s an iPhone app that will let you know just how many extra nanoseconds you’ve gained by getting moving as opposed to sitting on your rear end.

To calculate just how much time you’ve gained by walking to the shops, the Einstein’s Pedometer app uses the iPhone’s GPS capabilities and the Lorentz transformation, which describes how two observers’ varying measurements of space and time can be converted into each others frame of reference. A quick stroll round the neighborhood with Einstein’s Pedometer yielded me an extra 0.00021440 nanosconds.

I just downloaded it. It is free as well, because Physicists are very frugal with time and are not known for being very wealthy either!

Also, next time I am caught speeding, I can tell the police that I was just trying to contract time.

Via Gizmodo & Book of Joe